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FLEXEON DT-Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are designed and manufactured for commercial and light industrial applications. These systems have been engineered for capacities ranging from 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 gallons per day and for municipal and well water supplies. FLEXEON DT-Series RO Systems come pre-assembled, fully tested, preserved and sanitized and only require simple utility connections once on site. Systems come ready for immediate on-line service, minimal set up and with little adjustment required. The simple, high quality and proven design of FLEXEON DT-Series RO Systems have made these systems become known as turn-key, cost effective and reliable water purification systems.

FLEXEON DT-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for overall high performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption and offer great savings with low maintenance and operation costs. These systems feature a space saving expandable design, exceptional pre-filtration, quality components and allow for many options and upgrades to suit most applications. The major components of the FLEXEON DT-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are supported by a rigid aluminum frame and designed in such a way to provide ease of access for servicing, maintenance, and monitoring performance.


Models DT-20000
Premier (P)
White Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
S150 Computer Controller
LCD Controller Display
Pre-Treatment Lockout
Tank Level Input
Feed Solenoid Valve
Concentrate Recycle Valve
Feed Low Pressure Switch 15-30 PSI
AXEON® Permeate Flow Meter
AXEON® Concentrate Flow Meter
Concentrate Recycle Flow Meter
AXEON® 316 Stainless Steel Concentrate Valve
AXEON® 0-100 psi Pre-Filter In Pressure Gauge
AXEON® 0-100 psi Pre-Filter Out Pressure Gauge
AXEON® 0-300 psi Pump Pressure Gauge
0-300 psi Final Concentrate Pressure Gauge
Controller Permeate TDS Monitoring
Controller Feed TDS Monitoring
Feed Flush
AXEON® 10 Micron Filter Bag
AXEON® 5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
AXEON® by Pentek® Single O-Ring Filter Housings
AXEON® HF1 Low Energy RO Membranes
AXEON® HF4 Extra Low Energy RO Membranes
AXEON® PVC Membrane Housings
Goulds® Multi-Stage Booster Pump
Goulds® Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Booster Pump
Chemical Pump Outlet
Permeate Sample Valves

More Product Specificaitons

Models DT-20000
Configuration Single Pass
Feed Water Source*** (ppm) TDS < 2000
Standard Recovery Rate 55%
Recovery with Concentrate Recycle Up to 75%
Rejection and Flow Rates
Nominal Salt Rejection 98.5%
Permeate Flow (gpm / lpm) 13.89 / 52.57
Minimum Feed Flow (gpm / lpm) 19.89 / 75.30
Maximum Feed Flow (gpm / lpm) 28.00 / 106.00
Minimum Concentrate Flow (gpm / lpm) 6.00 / 22.71
Feed 2″ FNPT
Permeate 1″ FNPT
Concentrate 1″ FNPT
Membrane Per Vessel 1
Membrane Quantity 10
Membrane Size 4040
Vessel Array 2:2:2:2:2
Vesel Quantity 10
Pump Type Multi-Stage
Motor (HP) 3
RPM @ 60 (50 Hz) 3450 (2900)
Standard Voltage 220V, 60Hz, 3PH, 14.7A
Voltage Options 220V, 50Hz, 3PH, 15.9A
380V, 50Hz, 1PH, 8.5A
460V, 60Hz, 3PH, 7.5A
System Dimensions**
L x W x H (in / cm) 61 X 33 X 54 / 155 X 84 X 137
Weight (lb / kg) 450 / 204

Operating Specifications

Maximum Feed Temperature (°F / °C) 85 / 29.00 Maximum Free Chlorine (ppm) 0
Minimum Feed Temperature (°F / °C) 40 / 4.44 Maximum TDS (ppm) 2000
Maximum Ambient Temperature (°F / °C) 120 / 48.89 Maximum Hardness (gpg) 0
Minimum Ambient Temperature (°F / °C) 40 / 4.44 Maximum pH (Continuous) 11
Maximum Feed Pressure (psi / bar) 85 / 5.86 Minimum pH (Continuous) 5
Minimum Feed Pressure (psi / bar) 45 / 3.10 Maximum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.) 12
Maximum Piping Pressure (psi / bar) 150 / 10.34 Minimum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.) 2
Maximum SDI Rating (SDI) <3 Maximum Turbidity (NTU) 1

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